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By Joe Grine

Courtesy Joe Grine

Recover Tactical is primarily known for their CC3H “grip and rail adapter” retrofit for 1911s pistols, as well as their BC2 grip system for the Beretta 92 series of pistols. These low-cost, full-frame grip covers create picatinny rails space for pistols that otherwise lack that feature. These grips have been well received by the shooting public, and were recently picked up by retail giant Cabalas and others. Recover Tactical recently released a holster that is intended to work with the CC3H, and they sent TTAG some T&E samples of their products for review . . .

To recap the basics, if you have an old 1911 or Beretta 92 and you need a low-cost option for adding picatinny rail space for lights or a laser, Recover Tactical has just the ticket.

The CC3H/BC2 grip systems are clamshell designed sheaths that covers most of the frame and creates a picatinny interface on the underside of the dust cover, thereby enabling the user to add a flashlight and/or laser. The CC3H/BC2 grips were designed by Israeli weapons engineer and industrial designer Tamir Porat, who is perhaps best known as one of the designers of the Tavor rifle used by the …Read the Rest

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