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By Jacki Billings

A rifle built by YHM waits on the sidelines at the range in its hard-sided rifle case, designed to protect the rifle from harm during transport. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
A quality rifle case makes transporting rifles to and from the range easier and more efficient. Though cases can come in a variety of flavors, quality builds provide protection, make for quick transport, and offer amenities that make toting guns a little easier. While we at have narrowed down the search to fit what we feel will meet the needs of rifle owners on any budget, we have also opted to include a few non-traditional wares designed for a more discreet way to move to and fro without drawing unwanted attention.
Hard Cases

Pelican 1700

The Pelican 1700 offers a hard-shell exterior with foam inserts internally all in a wheeled package. (Photo: Pelican)
Pelican is a name synonymous with hard case protection, and the Pelican 1700 fits right into the storage maker’s theme. Designed more like a tank on wheels, the Pelican 1700 offers a tough case designed to withstand any environment gun owners could encounter. Measuring 35.75-inches by 13.50-inches by 5.25-inches, the hard-sided exterior of the Pelican protects the valuable rifle inside while


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