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By Eve Flanigan

The IGB barrel on the CAA Micro Roni. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
Recently, I reviewed the CAA Micro Roni Glock 17 non-NFA carbine kit. Integral to the setup is the Austrian-made Impulse Gun Barrel, more commonly called the IGB. In this case, the IGB is a 16-inch threaded model.  This review shares some highlights about the barrel and its performance.
IGB barrels are made with modern processes. Constructed from cold forged steel, IGB’s machining process produces a mirror finish on the interior. Hardening is done by Plasmanitration, which produces diamond-hard surfaces without flaws common to older methods. Plasmanitration creates a dark gray, corrosion-resistant finish. Inside, tooling of the groove-to-field angle, with slightly rounded edges, is said to enhance durability and ease of cleaning.
The company claims to produce solid tolerances and a proper fit. This test was malfunction-free, save for one brand of JHP which uses a silver, nickel alloy case. The same G17 that unfailingly ran this ammo without the Micro Roni and IGB after the test “refused” to do anything but light strikes on the primer while fitted with these add-ons. A variety of other ammunition presented no problems. This is not to single out the barrel for this problem, as it


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