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By Eve Flanigan

The VP9 retains high rank in my range gun rotation after three years. (Photo: Team HB)
Back in June 2015, I did a write-up on my then-new Heckler & Koch VP9. Since then, that pistol’s logged several thousand rounds. A handful of friends and students have purchased their own VP9s and have spent many training hours on their copies.  Also in this interim, the industry has become more competitive by offering lots of pistols that modern consumers demand, that is to say, with customizable features and simple operation.  Has it stood the three-year test of time? In no particular order, here’s  an update on the originally identified issues, plus an unforeseen wrinkle.
Night sights
The phosphorescent glow of the VP9’s solar-charged night sights is something to behold at the end of a sunny day. The rear sights glow so brightly, I’ve twice had the person next to me on the firing line comment on them. Notice I said rear sights. Since the front sight is buried in a holster most of the time, it doesn’t get the same charge. While it glows, it’s pale in comparison to the rear ones.  As with most special features, it takes a little getting used to focusing


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