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By Eve Flanigan

The Crosshatch Sling Pack is a great choice for goods you may need in a hurry. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
Carrying an adequate supply of emergency medical gear is important to me and the people I work with as co-instructors. Some classes are conducted in remote areas, outside of cellular signal range and with a minimum 20 minutes’ response time by EMS even when communications are possible. Whether it’s being prepared for a major bleeding incident or making a mosquito bite tolerable, we’re obligated and desire to be prepared.
Having a bag that can keep all the related gear organized and handy has been a process of trial and error. After a spring trial of the Crosshatch Sling Pack by First Tactical, we’ve found a pack that does all we need, and looks good too.
Sliding the pack forward for ready access. (Photo: Eve Flanigan)
With our medical kit in the pack, it weighs just under 25 pounds loaded, just 2.45 pounds of that being its own weight. This spring, it tagged along for many jostling miles on the cargo rack of an ATV used as transport to a remote training site. It has hung behind the firing line, with its full weight on the


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