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By Eve Flanigan

Sturdy, gross-motor zipper tabs are appreciated by this reviewer. (Photo: Team HB)
When you get a great rifle, the shopping isn’t over. A bag is a near-necessary accessory to transport the firearm and related gear, or to keep it clean, or to make the presence of a long gun a bit discreet. I recently tested two just such rifle bags, one for AR-platform rifles and another best suited for longer-barreled models. Here’s the scoop:
It’s rifle bag time
Defcon Gear makes an AR/M4 bag that’s both compact and urban-friendly. The Compact Assault Bag (CAB) is made to carry the upper and lower in separate compartments, making the whole works fit into a package that’s 26.5 inches long and 9.5 inches wide.
Defcon CAB outer compartments_pic by Defcon Tactical Gear. (Photo: Team HB)
It can be carried three ways: horizontally using the padded handle, over the shoulder with the padded, ventilated strap that has optional connection points at each of the four corners, or vertically with a web handle attached to one end. The D-rings of the shoulder strap double as a place to attach a carabiner as it hangs in my closet, keeping it compact even in storage.
Room for bulky attachments. (Photo: Team HB)
The bag


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