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By Eve Flanigan

The Israeli-made Micro Roni pistol carbine conversion kit. (Photo: Eve Flanigan/
From Israel, perhaps with a touchdown in Austria, comes a solution to the yearnings of Glock lovers who’ve wished for a Glock rifle. CAA’s Micro Roni converts Glock pistols into a short-barreled rifle or, with the addition of an IGB barrel, a non-National Firearms Act -regulated carbine. There’s also a stabilizer version that’s not an NFA item.
The Micro Roni is the namesake of the daughter, of CAA Founder and CEO, Moshe Oz. It’s the latest descendant in the company’s Roni line of Glock converters. It arrives packaged in a gift-worthy, cardboard case with a carry handle. For those who go through the hassle and expense of acquiring an NFA permit, it takes mere seconds to insert a Glock into the polymer kit to create a handy, packable, and utterly cool SBR.
For the rest of us, replacing the Glock barrel with a 16-inch, Austria-made IGB one is necessary to keep range time legal. In the process of using the Micro Roni/IGB combo, I found a couple advantages over using the Micro Roni alone.  The barrel is deserving of its own review, and that will come as a follow-up article.


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