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By Jeremy S


Sometimes the need to secure a rifle arises, but a full-on safe is too expensive and heavy to make sense, or is impossible to fit in a given location. Securely mounting an AR-15 to a wall, such as inside of a closet, to a truck roll bar, trunk, or other place is the ARmA15 locking bracket’s raison d’être. It’s a pretty simple solution for safely storing a single rifle while still allowing relatively quick access. . .

The concept here is pretty simple, and the execution is clean and solid. Powdercoated, 7-gauge steel is used for the majority of the bracket body, and 2-gauge steel (about 0.26″ thick) and a hardened pin are used for the locking mechanism. Two, self-drilling — I still recommend drilling pilot holes! — lag screws are included along with a Torx bit.

These are designed to secure the ARmA15 to a wall stud. Apparently with this hardware it takes nearly 3,500 lbs of force to rip the ARmA15 unit from a wall. The company also sells a roll bar mount, and with a little ingenuity one could easily bolt it to the support bracing …read more

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