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If you compete in PRS/NRL, tactical, or 3-Gun matches, and need to haul a lot of gear in the field, consider this Savior LRP gun case with integral shoulder straps. With multiple compartments, it can carry a spotting scope, laser rangefinder, binoculars, and even a small tripod. In addition the Savior case has detachable MOLLE pouches that fit magazines, Kestrels, or other accessories. And the case even has a removable scope cover and cleaning rod sleeve.

In our Shooters’ Forum, members have given positive reviews of the Savior Long Range Precision (LRP) carry cases. These are available in three sizes: 47″, 51″, and 55″. The 51″ version should be good with barrels up to about 28″. If you have a suppressor attached or have a longer barrel, we recommend the 55″ version. The 47″ case is available in black or dark FDE (as shown) for $159.99 on Amazon. The larger 51″ and 55″ cases are $169.99 and currently offered in black only (FDE should be available soon).

These cases include full heavy-duty, padded shoulder harness, carry straps, scope cover, tripod storage section, two MOLLE pouches, and a separate large, padded storage pocket that can be used for a spotting scope, and/or other

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