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By Seth Rodgers

At we like to celebrate our favorite eras and genres as well as the guns that made them famous. Today, we’re headed back to big hair, shoulder pads and neons for a deeper dive into the top action movies from the 80s. Be careful, though, spoilers ahead.
7. Beverly Hills Cops: Browning Hi-Power
Eddie Murphy wields a Browning Hi-Power while searching for his friend’s killer. (Photo: Paramount Pictures via YouTube)
Eddie Murphy kicks off the list with the classic 80s movie that launched Murphy to stardom. Beverly Hills Cop sees Murphy as Detroit cop Axel Foley chasing down the murderer of his best friend in, you guessed it, Beverly Hills, California. Foley relies on his trust Browning Hi-Power to solve the crime. We first see the handgun appear around the 12-minute mark as he scouts for an intruder in his apartment. From there, the


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