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By Bob Owens

pulse shooting breach

The attack that saw 49 gay people murdered and more than 50 others injured in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub was the worst Islamic terror attack in the United States since 9/11. Some of the victims either bled to death or were shot again and again in the three hours Orlando SWAT took to finally take down the terrorist, while an unknown number of victims may have been shot by officers either during the initial gunflight or during a gun battle with the terrorist during the rescue.

Many Americans have looked at the 100 casualties in the night club attack and the extended length of the attack and have come to the realization that the police may not be there to save you, even when they are on the scene and know that lives are being lost. You, and you alone, are going to be the only person who can ensure your safety.

People are reacting to this reality in very different ways.

Some like the roughly 10,000 new members of Pink Pistols, decided that being armed for their own defense is the only rational response to such an attack. Top Gun heartbreaker Kelly McGillis just came to this same realization after being …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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