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Garrow Firearms Development 17HMR Upper

Competitive Shooter, Russell Reed reviews the groundbreaking Garrow Firearms Development 17HMR Upper.

Garrow Firearms Development 17HMR Upper

USA – -( I think many of you would agree that finding perfection in a firearm is tough to achieve. It’s even harder when you are talking about rimfires. Now, there are a few high-end rimfire rifles out there, but still, I haven’t been convinced that they are as good as it gets.

As a competitive shooter, I’m always looking for firearms that are wickedly accurate, customizable and I like new and little-known items. Early this year I found it. Among other types of events, I shoot the awesome little 17 HMR Ammo in matches. Shooting a bolt action in the past, I have been keeping my eyes open for a reliable and accurate semi-auto —finding one seems few and far between. The gun world has been plagued with the problem of how to make a 17 HMR function reliably in a semi-auto using a blowback type system. There have been a few companies out there that have ventured into this world with mixed results, but there has been a newcomer to the mix.

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