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By Dean Weingarten


A shooting in Gage Park, in Southwest Chicago, illustrates why gun control activists resisted legal concealed carry in the Windy City as long as they did. Earlier this week, a legally carrying customer of a currency exchange store shot and killed an armed robber who was attempting a holdup while the owner’s two teenage sons were working there. To understand why civilian disarmament types hate the idea of concealed carry permits, you just have to read the comments of some of the other merchants in the area . . .

DNAinfo quotes the boys’ mother and store owner:

“All I know is that someone came in here threatening my sons, and this angel used a gun he was allowed to carry, and he saved them,” Cabrales said.

From the owner of a store two doors away:

“I don’t believe in vigilante justice, but I don’t know what would have happened if that guy hadn’t been there,” Guzman said. “I mean, the same thing could just as easily have happened to my store.”

From a shop owner down the block, who was robbed a month ago:

“I do trust the police, but lately I really haven’t felt safe here,” Vidales said. “I never …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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