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By Kristin Alberts

Sometimes the funniest stories of the year arise from deer camps around the country. How can we keep that humor rolling through the Christmas season for hunters? With a few of these gag gifts, of course!
1. BenShot Bullet Glass

This is a great novelty gift, but joke’s on you if you’re gifting this strictly as a gag. I don’t know any hunter or shooter who wouldn’t get a kick out of it—but also love to sip whiskey from one of these bullet drinking glasses. There are other brands on the market, but we love BenShot’s all-American-made products from a father-son team. Choose from shot, highball, beer pint glasses and more.
2. Redneck Plunger

The battery-operated Redneck Plunger has been at the top of the hunter’s gag gifting list for some time now, and it’s simply hard to beat for a hearty laugh. A shotgun shape that makes shooting sounds when the trigger is pulled, this baby has crafty stickers that hunters will recognize, like: “If it’s brown, it’s down.” In case of a true emergency, the Redneck Plunger is actually a functional toilet de-clogger.
3. Deer Rump Bottle Opener

Last year’s Deer Rear molded plastic bottle opener is long gone, replaced by — yes, you


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