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By Ammoland

Man at Amrs Reforged

AmmoLand Editor: Introducing the Man at Arms video series. MaA is an excellent Youtube video channel that is sure to impress. With their highly educational explanations of the forging process of well known weapons from video and game play, the expert black smiths take fan favorite weapons and make them reality.

Man at Amrs Reforged

USA – -( Man at Arms makes Riddick’s Ulaks in this edition of “Man at Arms Reforged”.

“The ulaks had first been forged by the ancient monks, used in defense of honor.” — Riddick musing about ulaks on Aguerra Prime from the movie Chronicles of Riddick .

Ulaks are curved single-edged knives with serrated edges typically used in tandem.

These “swingblades” are capable of slicing and stabbing positions, and are designed to compliment the natural motions of a person’s arms and hands in close combat. The serrated edge is used for blocking other bladed weapons.

Watch as Man at Arms forge a matched pair of ulaks , Riddick’s iconic weapon.

Every other Monday, the team of blacksmiths and craftsman at Man at Arms build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, the guys at …Read the Rest

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