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By Chris Eger

The original all-American room broom — the Ingram MAC-10 — was a child of the 1960s but will likely remain iconic for generations.
Springing from the mind of California-born Gordon B. Ingram, the MAC-10 was the end result of nearly two decades of the inventor’s obsession with interesting submachine gun designs. A WWII infantry vet who saw service in Europe, Ingram had a first-hand working knowledge of 1st and 2nd generation SMGs like the Thompson and M3 Grease Gun and, by 1946, had crafted his own, albeit unsuccessful, burp gun design.
Eventually, he continued down the path until the Ingram Model 6 was put into low-rate production and, pitched to military and police users, was adopted by a few prisons and the Peruvian military. Then came his Models 7, 8 and 9 (see where we are going with this?) through the 1950s, until he finally hit the relative small gun big leagues with his 1964-designed Model 10.
Manufactured at first by the Military Armament Corporation in Georgia, which was basically just Ingram and early suppressor magician Mitchell WerBell along with a few investors, the M10 was simple and cheap.
There wasn’t a lot to Mr. Ingram’s M10
Made from sheet metal stampings and originally just


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