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By Chris Eger

Imported and sold under the Browning banner from 1954 to 1968, the Baby is a bite-sized .25ACP (Photo: Richard Taylor/
From the wide range of options in the Warehouse, we bring you one of the smallest and best-made micro guns to come from Belgium in the 20th Century.
John Moses Browning was truly the Willy Wonka of guncraft, designing everything from the big medicine of the .50-caliber M2 heavy machine gun, to much more compact palm-sized handguns. One of his classics in the latter category was a slim, six-shot .25ACP blowback-operated handgun that weighed about 13-ounces and used a rear grip safety much like the one later seen on his M1911. This early Browning grew into the Colt 1908 Vest Pocket and a slightly modified variant was sold by FN in Belgium as the Model 1905 for decades.
Colt’s 1908 Vest Pocket and the very similar FN M1905 were designed by John Browning and were the basis of the Baby, which followed in 1927.
With a 2-inch barrel, these guns went just over 4.5-inches overall, making them easy to stash in a coat pocket of the day. Popular, Colt and FN sold somewhere in the neighborhood of about 1.5 million of these little


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