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By Jacki Billings

BrickArms offers guns, minifigs and Lego compatible accessories. (Photo: BrickArms)
Will Chapman didn’t set out to become known as the Lego weapons guy. The dad of three was merely interested in fostering his youngest son’s budding interest in historical events.
In 2006, Chapmans’s 9-year-old son was becoming increasingly interested in WWII history; so much so that he wanted to recreate famous battles using Legos. Unfortunately, the hunt for war inspired Lego minifigures and weaponry turned up empty.
As Chapman learned, Lego has a staunch no gun policy courtesy of its inventor, Ole Kirk Kristiansen. According to Gizmodo which conducted an interview with the company in 2008, Lego does not produce “realistic or military play scenarios.”
Not to be deterred, Chapman decided to DIY a solution. With a background in computer aided design, or CAD, he set out to create realistic depictions of WWII weaponry. Using the computer software, Chapman fleshed out the designs for some of America’s most iconic firearms.
“We got right to work designing an M4, MP40, M1A1, and M1911, and sent the designs to a professional tool designer to make a US-made high-quality injection mold,” Chapman told in an email. “BrickArms was born.”
Now boasting 11 years in the brick business and


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