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By Chris Eger

The tree looks so…life like (Photo: Hydro Dipped Services)
Pictured somewhere in Florida, these MP5 magazines are so fresh, you can use them right off the tree.
If only, right? Courtesy of Dundee, Florida’s Hydro Print Services, the HK room broom sticks are coated with KG Industries Gun-Kote complete with direct UV printed permanent “stickers” that should last much longer than the repurposed fruit stand variety.

“Our customer asked us to create some ‘banana mags’ for him to troll with at the range,” said the company on their social media account. “Originally he just wanted us to coat them yellow and he would put stickers on. Pshaw! Not content to be average, we convinced him to let us play a little.”
The banana tree, however, is real.

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