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By Gregory Smith

If you already pay for an Amazon Prime membership, there’s some pro-gun documentaries you can get for free. While

“This was a thoughtful take on gun ownership in America. He’s not a crazy gun nut, and he really makes you think about the purpose for the 2nd Amendment- that we have a God-given right to self-preservation, and a gun is a tool to protect that right. If you’re on the fence, this documentary may make you want to go out and purchase an AR-15. :-)”

“This is about 2nd Amendment civil rights. It states its case clearly and, to me, non-offensively. An interesting doc that I did not tire of while viewing. Ice-T is the narrator and his voice is excellent for this story but he has no physical presence. The interviews and interviewees are well chosen and the writing is well done. I recommend this to my friends who are on the fence or even pro-gun-restriction. I feel that this is a non-combative film and it’s what we need in this conversation.”

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Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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