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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Gun Control
Gun Control

WASHINGTON, DC-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has announced its strong opposition to a number of federal gun control proposals. This week alone, FPC has filed formal letters of opposition and sent legislative alerts on the following federal bills and issues to elected officials and staff:

S.2524 / “Extreme Risk Protection Orders”

Also known as “Gun Violence Restraining Orders,” these orders do not result in an immediate action—if there is ever any real action taken at all. ERPOs operate on the presumption that people subject to an order are voluntarily going to be law-abiding until all of their weapons are taken away from them, if ever; if someone is insane, mentally unstable, or plain evil, that is a very irrational and dangerous presumption. FPC opposes these restraining orders on practical, policy, and constitutional grounds.

S.2492 / Mandatory law-enforcement reporting of NICS denials

Mandatory reporting of NICS denials to law enforcement would create a new law enforcement nightmare, lead to likely millions of civil rights violations, put law-abiding people and law enforcement officers in danger, eliminate important case-by-case discretion, and unnecessarily burden cash-strapped public safety agency budgets.

S.2135 / H.R.4477 / “Fix NICS”

FixNICS would create new problems and bureaucracy, but offers few benefits …Read the Rest

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