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By Erich Pratt

Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX)
Republican Texas Rep. Michael Cloud reintroduced the No Retaining Every Gun In a System That Restricts Your (No REGISTRY) Rights Act on Wednesday, which would require the ATF to destroy all the purchase records they have in their databases.
The bill would also require closing gun stores to destroy their purchase records, preventing the records from going to the ATF….
Aidan Johnston, GOA director of federal affairs, told Fox News Digital “ATF has no business maintaining nearly a billion gun and gun owner records in a digital, searchable database.”
“ATF’s recordkeeping authority has been weaponized and all statutory protections against the creation of a gun registry have been maliciously circumvented,” Johnston said.
“Gun Owners of America proudly supports Rep. Michael Cloud’s No REGISTRY Rights Act to rein in this rogue agency and completely eliminate ATF’s unconstitutional gun registry,” he continued.
The reintroduced bill has 62 of Cloud’s colleagues cosponsoring the measure….
Last month, Fox News Digital exclusively obtained the ATF’s federal firearms licensee (FFL) inspection guidance from January 2022 that makes it easier to revoke gun stores’ federal licenses…. GOA first obtained the documents and shared them with Fox News Digital.
Last year, the gun rights advocacy group Gun Owners of America (GOA) accused

Source: Gun Owners of America

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