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By Tom Knighton

Typically, I think people’s relationships are generally their own business. I have morals that cause me to form opinions about extra-marital affairs, mind you, but I usually don’t care all that much.

What I do tend to care about is the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms.

One refrain I often hear is how we don’t need guns because we have the police, that those are the people who can be trusted with firearms, while the rest of us can’t.

What does that have to do with relationships? Well, quite a bit. You see, those same police officers that anti-gunners want to trust to protect us are humans who sometimes get pretty emotional. Enough so that they can’t be trusted with guns.

This love triangle has four corners — and four police badges!

An NYPD sergeant cheated on his cop girlfriend with a fellow officer, whose husband is also on the job — and the bosses took away everyone’s guns so they wouldn’t kill each other, sources told The Post on Monday.

The NYPD report says a total of nine handguns were seized from all four cops under a section of the Patrol Guide that permits impounding firearms in …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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