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By gunwriter When Bat first started playing basketball he was very aggressive and fouled out in almost every game. This went on for about two years until he got control of it. Now, he manages between two and four fouls per game. And, most often, his fouls are timely and tactically applied. Aggressiveness in a basketball player is highly desirable but something you cannot teach. You can encourage it, coach it, and try to control it, but you cannot teach it. The same applies to citizenry. Aggressive citizens are needed to keep countries strong. Their actions might offend (foul), but getting fouled is part of basketball just like getting offended is part of life. Some basketball teams are blessed with aggressive players and America has long benefited from aggressive citizens. Players and citizens who frequently foul and offend, players and citizens who box out adversity and succeed through hard work, and players and citizens who push the goal when necessary. Life is very much like basketball, if you aren’t fouling; you aren’t playing, much like if you aren’t offending, you aren’t living. The problem is that with basketball you know you can only foul five players per game, in life there is …read more

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