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By Tom Knighton

I don’t expect much fair treatment from the media. As a gun owner and writer, I look at my colleagues in the mainstream media not so much as colleagues, but as the opposition. Typically, they’ll paint someone like me as anything but a decent human being, so it’s understandable why.

However, Forbes recently did a story about how difficult it is for reasonable gun owners to deal with what they see as unreasonable anti-gunners.

But gun business owners who say they want to engage in a real dialogue about how to make America safer say they aren’t sure they can – both because of the lack of information on the other side of the issue, and because they’re losing trust that gun control advocates are acting in good faith. Most people, says Jeff Wait, the owner of Okeechobee Shooting Sports in Central Florida, think more gun laws will be a quick fix to a really hard problem. He doesn’t believe gun laws could fix anything.

“It doesn’t bother me that somebody has a different opinion,” says Wait. “What bothers me more is that people fall for the misinformation. It bothers me that we have the ability to get the information …Read the Rest

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