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By Lee Williams

(Photo illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)By Lee WilliamsThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is not regulating the firearms industry as required by statute. The ATF is choking the life out of it — tearing it down, one gun dealer at a time.Before Joe Biden declared war on gun dealers, ATF inspectors used a five-percent rule. If less than five percent of a gun dealer’s paperwork contained errors, the ATF would take minor corrective action, usually a warning letter or a warning conference. If more than five percent of the transactions contained errors, sanctions could be more severe. But after Biden weaponized the agency, anything goes. Even a minor clerical error is now viewed as a “willful” violation of ATF rules, and the dealer’s Federal Firearm License is in jeopardy.Today, the ATF is clearly on the hunt. The more FFL revocations they can gin up, the better. The more dealers they can intimidate into surrendering their FFL, the happier the White House will be. After all, Biden has ranted publicly about “rogue” gun dealers, so now it’s up to the ATF to deliver revoked licenses by any means necessary.Easy pickingsATF knows that high-volume gun dealers can afford to fight

Source: The Gun Writer

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