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FN 509 Tactical Black

FN 509 Tactical Black

FN America recently announced the release of its newest addition to its pistol lines, the 509 Tactical BLK. We first brought you coverage of the original Full-Sized FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistol last June, and we came away impressed.

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“Like most Americans, I want options, and the FN 509 Tactical offers just that,” said Greg Lickenbrock in his review. “You can dress it up for a Rambo excursion or leave it “low pro” for simple range sessions. This is a gun you can trust from a trusted company. There’s a reason FN has been making the U.S. military’s M4s, M16s and M249 SAWs for years. The company knows what works and what doesn’t. And this pistol definitely works.”

FN 509 Tactical BLK Features

Now the 509 Tactical BLK adds a matte black finish to the popular platform. But it left nothing behind from the previous model. As …Read the Rest

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