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By Lee Williams

(Photo illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)By Lee WilliamsLast April Fools’ Day, a 61-year-old Miami man had a defensive gun usage in Florida City, Florida, which is certainly no surprise. Florida City was once considered the most dangerous city in the Sunshine State.The man, who did not want his name used in this story, was at a fast-food restaurant when he was accosted by an individual who he now believes was emotionally disturbed. The man was filling his water bottle at a soda machine when someone behind him said, “I’m from prison. Don’t’ touch my food or I’ll kill you.” He quickly left the restaurant.The disturbed man followed the victim outside, screaming about how he was going to kill him for touching his food.“He was reaching in his pockets, being aggressive, saying how he was going to kill me, reaching into his pockets. He then ripped off his t-shirt and started running toward me very aggressively. I pulled my 9mm and told him to stop,” the victim said.The victim kept walking backward, telling the suspect to stay back. At one point he tripped over some rocks, fell back onto his butt and had a negligent discharge. Fortunately, the round went into

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