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By Gregory Smith

This was an e-mail I got from NRA-ILA about Swiftmud abuse in Florida:

How would you feel if a bullying state agency decided to take your property and destroy you?

The South West Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD — commonly called Swiftmud) is an out-of-control rogue state agency engaged in a malicious and contrived 40-year effort to shut down the Skyway Trap and Skeet Range in St. Petersburg.

It is important to know that this issue is not about lead or water pollution. The site has been cleaned up and the lead has been removed. Further, NO LEAD shot is used on the range — Skyway Trap & Skeet Club prohibits the use of lead shot pellets on their range. Only steel shot is used and it is not a considered a pollutant or contaminant.

For 71 years Skyway Trap and Skeet Club has owned this property and has operated this non-profit private range and business on that property. This range was there years before SWFWMD (Swiftmud) was even created.

In 1975, SWFWMD sued Skyway and under eminent domain “took” the section Skyway’s land that was the drop zone for shot pellets. Even though the Court allowed SWFWMD to take Skyway’s …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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