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By Tom Knighton

The idea of guns on campus really bothers a lot of people. To be fair, it’s not legal everywhere, which means that in some places it’s troubling for folks because those who carry on campus are breaking the law.

In other places, though, there are times when the law says you can carry or at least lock a firearm in your car, but the school says you can’t. That’s the case in Florida, apparently, where Florida State University is finding itself being sued over their anti-gun policy.

Gun rights group Florida Carry, Inc. has filed a new lawsuit against Florida State University and President John Thrasher over gun restrictions in the university’s Student Code of Conduct.

The latest suit, filed on August 27, alleges that the Student Code of Conduct violates state gun laws by forbidding students and others on campus from keeping certain types of guns in their vehicles.

This isn’t the first time Florida Carry has taken FSU to court. Back in September 2015, the group filed suit against the universityover a policy banning people from keeping guns locked in their cars during football games and while on campus.

Just one day after the 2015 lawsuit was filed, FSU …Read the Rest

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