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By Luis Valdes

We’re over the half-way mark for Florida’s 60-day legislative session. Here’s what’s happened so far.
The Florida Republican supermajority has shown what they truly think of gun owners in the “Gunshine State.”
And it’s clear that they think the protection and restoration of your Second Amendment rights don’t matter.
Throughout 2023, Gun Owners of America worked with Rep. Mike Beltran to draft HB 1619, a solid open carry and university campus carry bill.
And what did the Republican House Speaker do within the first week of session? He stood on the steps of our capitol and proudly crowed that he was pro-gun, and then said his Republican colleagues “didn’t have an appetite” to debate and vote on HB 1619.

Has that stopped GOA from fighting the good fight?
Heck no! GOA took to the public airwaves and the newspapers to call out the Republicans and their failures to uphold their promises to voters.
In USA Today, GOA stated the following:
“Republican lawmakers constantly campaign that they’re pro-gun and the only bulwark to stop Democrats from eviscerating Floridians’ gun rights. But the truth is, the actions of Florida’s top Republicans is that they don’t care about Second Amendment rights,” GOA’s FL Director Luis Valdes said.
And on 97.3 WSKY, GOA

Source: Gun Owners of America

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