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By Jennifer Cruz

An off-duty Orange County sheriff’s deputy who was working security at the Orlando City soccer match over the weekend was injured while trying to break up a fight that broke out between fans of opposing teams.
The match, in which Orlando City beat New York City 1-10, was the first to be played in the city’s new soccer stadium and the fight ensued about a block from the stadium moments after the game ended.
Witnesses say one suspect held the deputy in a chokehold while a second suspect repeatedly punched him the deputy in the face. Authorities wrote in an affidavit that the assault enticed the crowd to become even more aggressive as anti-cop slurs were yelled.
Altogether, about 50 law enforcement officers responded to the melee and attempted to restore order.
Felix Vazquez, 27, and Katerine Sopilidis, 24, both of New York City, were arrested. Vazquez was charged with resisting with violence, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting without violence and disorderly conduct, while Sopilidis faces charges of affray and resisting arrest without violence.
Sopilidis, however, said they were not the aggressors and claims Vazquez never touched the deputy.
Luciano Migliore, 19, of New York, was also arrested on charges of affray and


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