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By Jeremy Stafford


The goal isn’t to live like a hermit or an antisocial shut-in, but there are common-sense ways you can prevent being victimized in your home before we even get to the physical aspects of security.

Don’t live in a violent area, and don’t associate with scumbags. The vast majority of violent break-ins that I’ve investigated in my career as a police officer had to do with either geography or association. I remember taking a report from a woman who was violently robbed at the doorstep of her downtown loft. The poor woman was very shaken, and as I was interviewing her, she stated, “I see these homeless people all the time. I can’t believe that one of them would do this.” Now, I’m not one to blame the victim, but when you move into an area that’s known for high crime and drug use, don’t be surprised when you get robbed.

Another thing to consider is your associates or the associates of your family. Your kids’ friends do not need to know that you own firearms or nice jewelry or anything else valuable. Know who you and your family members are associating with, and don’t leave things of value in plain sight …Read the Rest

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