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By Kristin Alberts

What to consider during a home invasion? A few people wanted to know during the NRA Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee on Aug. 25, 2017. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
The NRA hosted its first ever Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee last week and while much of the hubbub surrounded products on the show floor, the fashion show, or the Southern Uprising concert, it was the (mostly) quiet classrooms surrounding the Expo that impressed attendees most. With over 140 seminars, workshops, and courses, there truly was something for everybody. had the opportunity to attend a number of seminars.  Here are some important takeaways you need to know.
1. There is a Best Home Defense Gun
John Lovell’s seminar may have quantified that an AR-rifle makes an ideal home defense gun based on low recoil and high firepower round capacity.  But the biggest takeaway from his course titled “Choosing the Right Home Defense Gun” made it clear that while there is no single correct choice for every person, there are some important factors in making the selection that is best for you.
For lethality, a shotgun with double-00 buck cannot be beat.  AR Rifles may hold the most rounds and have the least recoil, but over-penetration


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