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If you’re looking for a space-saving handgun storage system, consider the Easy Use Gun Hangers from USA GunClub. These vinyl-coated, wire hangers organize handguns below the shelves in your gunsafe, freeing up storage space above the shelves. To use the handgun hangers, simply slide each hanger on the shelf and then slip your pistol’s barrel over the lower rod. Handgun Hangers are intended for guns with an overall length of 10 inches or shorter. They will fit shelves that are at least 11 inches deep and 5/8-1 inch in thickness. Handgun Hangers will hold handguns .22 caliber and up, though the fit is a bit snug on .22s. A four-pack of Handgun Hangers costs $9.99. This product has been Amazon’s #1 Best Seller among handgun storage accessories.

WARNING — ALWAYS Make Sure Handgun is UNLOADED when using Handgun Hangers!!
Gun Storage Solutions offers an Over-Under Hanger that holds two handguns — one above the shelf, and one below. A two-pack of Over-Under Hangers (capable of holding four handguns) costs $17.95. Boomstick also sells an over-under two-pack for $9.49. Over-under hangers work well. However, this Editor personally prefers the standard handgun hangers (shown above), so I can use the upper surface of the

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