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By John Falkenberg

REIDSVILLE, NC — An officer’s swift action has left a community in uproar in upstate North Carolina after he shot and killed a fireman’s dog — allegedly without anything like just cause, WGHP reports.

To hear the owner of the dog describe it, a fireman named Kevin Paschal who also owns a fencing company, the officer heard his dog barking while they were talking about expanding an impound lot, and just drew his firearm and opened up.

“My son at 15 years old saw something most people shouldn’t see in their life,” said Kevin Paschal according to WGHP. “Somebody that was supposed to protect him (Paschals’s son) put him in danger. There were bullets flying that could’ve went anywhere.”

Apparently, Paschal was meeting a group of Reidsville police officers, including the chief, to talk about expanding the space they use for things like evidence.

That’s reportedly when officer Glenn Wade pulled in then pulled his firearm on Paschal’s dog, named Auger.

“When he wants to play he has a loud bark and that’s the same bark he started doing on the day he lost his life,” Paschal said.

“Auger has never been aggressive, never. Auger’s greatest aggression is if you have a ball …Read the Rest

Source:: Concealed Nation

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