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By Robert Farago


Our salacious friends at Because Guns turned us on to Firegild Exclusive Firearms. In case the image above and over at BG’s gallery [click here to view] aren’t self-explanatory, and I think they are, the company’s website tells us that their work is “Inspired by laissez-faire freedoms and the reckless pursuit of seeing beauty in the blending of forces, this boutique venue brings a celebration of blissful furor to firearms, from simple or sublime elegance, to dazzling brilliance.” So now you know: Firegild’s marketing prose is just as overwrought as their jewel-encrusted guns. Still, Polly Davis Ditch’s passion for obscure objects of bedazzled desire seems clear enough. As is her distaste for corporate America . . .

Firegild is not a corporation with rules and policies and politics and those sorts of things . . .

Firegild is a free spirit . . . an extension of myself. It is the bringing together of so many things that I love and the creation of a niche that allows me the freedom to love what I do, to express to the world well-deserved respect and appreciation for firearms, that so many of us have, and to create …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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