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By Rob Morse

Gun Confiscation
Gun Confiscation

U.S.A.-( The mass murderer at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas used something called a bump stock. In theory, a bump stock allows a gun to fire faster. Some politicians say that is too fast. In fact, the fastest shooter alive today fires a semi-automatic gun so quickly that it rivals some machine guns. Government regulators, and some anti-gun Democrat politicians, then concluded that civilians should be denied the use of all semi-automatic weapons. They claim these guns can shoot like machine guns, at least some of the time. That regulation and laws like it miss the point entirely.

If civilians should be disarmed because these weapons are too dangerous then we should disarm local, state, and federal law enforcement as well. If these guns, and I’ll let you choose which ones you want to ban, are too dangerous for law-abiding citizens to own then they are far too dangerous for the government to have. As Senator Feinstein said, “Turn them all in,” only this time we’re including the politicians and the police as well. That proposal is based on facts and is less far-fetched than it sounds.

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