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By TheFireArmGuy


For years, I have been proud to call Kahr handguns my concealed carry handgun choice. I just love the way Kahr handguns feel, shoot and they offer the slimmest and lightest models on the semi auto pistol market. I own several handguns from various makers however I am yet to find another model that I prefer to carry over a Kahr. They have been reliable, accurate and the craftsmanship is second to none. These qualities provide me the confidence to carry a Kahr, for many years now, without reservation.

Enter the new Kahr CW9 with a carbon fiber finished frame. The carbon fiber finish on this frame is different than many others I have felt. This finish has a rubber feel to it which aides for a firm grip as if a rubber grip sleeve were added. Not only does the carbon fiber finish look beautiful, but the grip itself feels better. All of that aside, I love the mechanics, ease of use and slim profile that the Kahr CW9 offers for CCW. I had no intention of changing my Kahr CM9 as my concealed carry gun but after owning this CW9 and running several hundred flawless rounds through it, I …Read the Rest

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