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By Chris Eger

A security researcher found a number of both high and low tech hacks to find vulnerabilities in the Armatix iP1, including defeating it with a $10 magnet (Photo: Wired)
In the wake of a recent article highlighting several recently exposed security shortcomings in the German Armatix iP1 pistol, the trade organization for the firearms industry weighed in. sent the footage of Wired’s interview with a security researcher who found multiple ways to defeat the Armatix GmbH Smart System — a personalized handgun which is designed to pair to an RFID-equipped wrist watch to be able to fire — to Larry Keane, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president and general counsel.
Keane said he had heard rumors the gun could be defeated fairly easily but was surprised that it could be done with a simple magnet as detailed in the video.
“It does not change our view on authorized user recognition technology being applied to a firearm,” said Keane, standing by the group’s position that they are not opposed to the further development of so-called smart guns– as long as it is not made a requirement by lawmakers.
“No mandates, let the market work, you shouldn’t bring to market a product before it


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