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By gunwriter During the last month I’ve spent a good amount of time with Remington’s new Model Seven LS. This is an 18 inch barreled compact bolt-action rifle with open sights and a laminated stock. As far as I’m concerned, it is the handiest and best looking rifle Remington builds. I consider it a worthy replacement for the discontinued and now lionized model 600; the rifle Cooper built his first scout rifle on. You may or may not appreciate the commonly accepted characteristics of a scout rifle. The arguments over the minutia of the definition and the long eye relief scope have drowned out the underlying premise, which is the real beauty of what Cooper was trying to teach us all along. He wanted handiness and shootability built into a rifle that would excel at the snap shot. With some help from Timney Triggers, XS Sights, and Galco, Remington’s new Model Seven can serve as a good example of what Cooper was preaching. Some folks just missed the message because they were caught up in the weights and measures. Fixing the Trigger As nice as the model Seven LS is, it had a problem right out of the box. The trigger, though …Read the Rest

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