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By Dan Zimmerman


Sheesh! It’s never easy culling through the tidal wave of worthy entries we receive in our content contests. As you may be aware, we have a uniquely talented group of readers who always put their best collective foot forward, making the job of picking the best of them more difficult than reloading a revolver in a gunfight. But now that Labor Day is in the rear view mirror and summer is unofficially over, pick one we must. The shame of it is that . . .

naming a winner and a runner up will leave so many worthy efforts on the table. Posts by John Kornegay, Rokurota, Aiden Pheil, Logan Metesh, Andrew Smith, Adam S., Chad Beaty and Anonymous come to mind. It’s a crying shame we don’t have enough swag to present to all of them. But such is life and in life, some rise just a little bit higher.

So without further ado, our grand prize winner, the recipient of a beautiful new Henry Lever Action Octagon Frontier rifle, is Bud Harton for his body of work, but his L-Lincoln, L-Lincoln 5 post in particular. …read more

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