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By Tom Knighton

For months, FedEx weathered calls for them to cut their business ties with the National Rifle Association. Ever since Parkland, anti-gunners have been pushing companies like FedEx to cut off the NRA, hoping to choke the company off as part of their effort to stigmatize gun ownership in this country. Many capitulated without much resistance. In fact, many jumped like they’d been waiting for the opportunity to abandon the NRA in its hour of need.

But not FedEx. They stuck around, which was probably a good move. A lot of the companies that did jump ship also found customers less than pleased.

However, the NRA/FedEx relationship wasn’t going to last forever. The shipping company has now cut ties with the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, though company officials swear it has nothing to do with politics.

FedEx has cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA), eight months after it first received calls to do so.

The shipping company confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday that it is ending its partnership, which offered discounts to members of the gun rights group.

In addition to the NRA, FedEx is moving more than 100 other organizations that receive discounts to different …Read the Rest

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