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By Nick Leghorn


FedEx is a common carrier. They ship everything, from prescription medication to firearms and silencers. In fact, I’ve used them before to ship guns across state lines, and all they wanted to know was whether the gun was unloaded — no further questions asked. But when Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed fame wanted to use FedEx to ship his cheap his CNC machines, they refused. Why? Because — gasp! — it might be used to make a gun . . .


Wilson issued a press release about the situation, saying in part:

In February, I began pursuing business-to-consumer fulfillment …read more

Via:: Truth About Guns

One response to FedEx Refuses to Ship Defense Distributed’s ‘Ghost Gunner’ CNC Machines

  1. Roger April 2nd, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Would love to have a chance to get a new gun,so send me a revolver in 357 mag or a 1911 45 acp


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