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By Jacki Billings

The Edge TLR series is all all-range hunting ammunition, allowing for both close up and distance shots. (Photo: Vista Outdoor)
Federal Premium introduced the new Edge TLR hunting ammunition to its ever-expanding ammo lineup Wednesday, offering shooters more options in the field.
The company blends top match bullet design features with better bonding technology to bring the Edge TLR to life. The loads boast match-grade long range accuracy in addition to reliable expansion at low velocities. The ammo also offers high weight retention, deep penetration and lethal terminal performances at close ranges.
The Edge TLR bullet utilizes the exclusive Slipstream tip crafted from heat resistant polymer for consistent ballistics that instantly initiate expansion. At close ranges, the bullet’s copper shank and bonded lead core retain weight to offer deeper penetration. The round’s long, sleek profile boasts a high ballistic coefficient while AccuChannel groove technology improves overall accuracy and reduces drag.
“The Slipstream tip features our patent-pending hollow-core technology,” said Product Development Engineer Justin Carbone in a press release. “A small cavity runs the length of the shank all the way up to just below the point itself. That point breaks free upon impact, allowing fluid to enter the hollow core, where it generates pressure


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