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By Dan Zimmerman


Regular readers may recall that four California gun dealers are suing the state on First Amendment grounds because they are prohibited by law from displaying any image of a handgun that can be seen by the public. And, of course, the nation’s best-looking attorney general is vigorously defending the suit, because any image of a firearm must be suppressed. Or something. Anyway, the plaintiffs had moved for a preliminary injunction in the case that would allow them to do something so bold as to include an outline of a revolver on their store signs. And while District Court Judge Troy L. Nunley (above) acknowledged that the store owners’ rights are most likely being violated, that they have been done actual harm by the law and and seem likely to prevail…he doesn’t want to disturb the Golden State’s regulatory status quo by allowing handgun images where frail women and little children might, you know, see them. The Calguns Foundation’s press release laying it all out is after the jump . . .

July 16, 2015 (SACRAMENTO, CA) – The State of California’s ban on handgun-related speech by licensed gun dealers likely violates their First Amendment …read more

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