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By Patriot Outdoor News

Andy Parker, father of Alison Parker – the Virginia Newscaster who along with cameraman Andy Ward died tragically last week in a brutal shooting – says he wants gun violence to “remain in the news” and has vowed to fight for more gun control.

His daughter is dead and he’s joined the crowd whose goals are to restrict, then eliminate my Right to protect my daughter? Sorry, but that’s the bottom line here. By Joe Wurzelbacher

Taking into consideration the trauma Mr. Parker has just endured, it needs to be made clear that his stated goals are, in effect, to make it more difficult for myself to protect my daughter from a crazed lunatic murderer, whose goal was vengence against white people.

To the delight of anti-Second Amendment leftists everywhere, he continued; “I’m not going to rest until I see something happen. We’ve got to have our legislators and congressmen step up to the plate and stop being cowards about this..”

A personal note: Mr. Parker, no one can possibly understand how you feel right now – and we know you’ll think of your slain daughter every day of the remainder of your life. If you said your life was permanently ruined by this …read more

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