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By Brandon Curtis


By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

“A teenager who died after a shooting at a Florida gun rangeon Sunday was killed accidentally by his father,” reports. “The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that they concluded the shooting at the High Noon Gun Shop was not intentional based on witness statements and video.”

According to police, Stephen J. Brumby, 14, and his dad, William C. Brumby, 64, were practicing in a shooting lane against a wall when the accident took place.

“After firing a round, the spent shell casing struck the wall causing it to deflect and fall into the back of (the elder) Mr. Brumby’s shirt. Brumby then used his right hand, which was holding the handgun, in an attempt to remove the casing. While doing so, he inadvertently pointed the firearm directly behind him and accidently [sic] fired,” a police statement reads.

I’ve seen shooters do the “hot casing dance” with a loaded firearm — especially females shooting with low-cut tops. But I never once thought a gun owner would be distracted enough to use his gun hand to reach for red-hot …Read the Rest

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