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By John Snyder

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
John Snyder
John M. Snyder

USA – -( In early March, a self-appointed American Catholic intelligentsia of about 40 individuals released an open letter opposing the presidential candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

The gang of 40 wrote that Trump’s record and campaign “promise only the further degradation of our politics and our culture.”

In taking this position, the gang of 40 joined other establishmentarian Americans turning up their noses at the candidacy of the international New York real estate developer.

The gang thinks a Trump presidency would undermine Catholic insistence on the sanctity of human life, religious freedom, traditional marriage, and limited constitutional government informed by the Catholic principle of subsidiarity.

Wendy Long, the Republican and Conservative nominee for the U.S. Senate in New York, challenged the gang’s open letter in a LifeZette March 9 posting. She skewered the open letter’s arguments.

Ms. Long wrote that Trump “is forging a historic realignment of American politics, breaking down the traditional lines that really served the Establishment on both sides. Trump speaks for the forgotten middle and working classes, and for those who wish they had work but don’t. When he says, ‘we love the poorly educated,’ …Read the Rest

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