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By John Falkenberg

RINGGOLD, LA — A man was shot and killed after assaulting his 70-year-old stepfather, KTBS reports.

The man wanted money from his stepfather, and his stepfather was not going to be physically threatened just because his stepson wanted a few dollars.

As the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Department said in a statement on Facebook:

On Monday, February 26, 2018 at approximately 8:52 P.M. an altercation which occurred on Cook Drive in Ringgold resulted in the shooting death of Jackie D. Barbo,40, of Ringgold. Bienville Parish investigators ascertained that Barbo was committing a battery on Robert Richardson,70, of Cook Drive when Richardson armed himself with a .380 semi-auto pistol and fired one round striking Barbo in the chest.

An argument over money appears to have precipitated the altercation which resulted in Barbo’s death. Lt. Darrell Mills, who was in charge of the investigation, will present his findings to the district attorney’s office for further review.

It would appear that Barbo was something of a bad egg with the rest of his family, as well, and I highly doubt that charges will be filed against Richardson.

According to KTBS, Barbo had contacted Richardson the day of the shooting asking for $41. When …Read the Rest

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